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Tuba Study at The Hartt School

An overview

We live in a time when even the greatest artist is concerned about surviving. Now, throw the tuba into the mix and the challenges are…well…. challenging. The goal I have is to help you realize that success is not based purely on what you have in your checkbook. Music is an art form. It's a living, breathing thing. It commands respect. It's part of who you are; otherwise, you wouldn't consider it as your livelihood. My responsibility to you is to insure that you have the skills to become marketable and the desire to make the lives of the people you touch just a little bit better. The Hartt School has established a series of opportunities to assist me in doing just that:

Private Lessons are given once a week and last for one hour. The is a one-on-one class where you are expected to contribute - not only by performing the assigned materials to the best of you ability - but also by challenging me! Expectations are high but you will soon realize that this is a journey. Grading is based on effort and participation.

Studio Hour is also a weekly class lasting for one hour. In here, you give presentations, perform solo works, participate in mock auditions, discuss life in the music business, and more. This is time well spent and this is, at times, when the greatest growth occurs. It is a time when ideas can be discussed in an atmosphere that is both safe and nurturing.

Performing Opportunities

There are many groups available to you. The top large ensembles require an audition at the beginning of every semester. You receive an audition packet several weeks in advance. Usually, my audition packet contains a solo and some orchestral excerpts. Auditions are held behind a screen in an effort to remain fair and non-partial and to create an atmosphere of professionalism. If/when you participate in auditions in the "real world", the preliminary rounds are almost always held behind a screen.

Chamber Music is extremely important and necessary. You will be encouraged to participate in chamber music. For the tuba player, this means playing in the Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble, tuba quartets, brass quintets, jazz ensembles, etc…. I also ask you to consider joining one of the many choirs at Hartt. Some of my most memorable lessons with my teacher were when he sang to me. Playing a brass instrument is only one step removed from singing. Our vocal chords are in our lips - the embouchure.

The Hartt School is an exciting and rewarding place to be for the creative soul. As mentioned earlier, music is a living, breathing thing. It can be written, theorized, performed, recorded, and taught. We have world-class faculty with experience in all of the above and more. Please visit the rest of our website for further information.

- Scott Mendoker

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