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Bryan Lovett ('11)

Bachelor of Music, Music Production and Technology

Why I Chose Hartt

There is no easy way to get into the recording industry. You can either work your way up from the bottom, go to a two-year technical school and still work your way up from the bottom, or leave college with a much larger skill set than solely studio knowledge. The main reason I chose the Music Production and Technology program at the Hartt School was because I knew I would be both a competent musician and a skilled recording engineer when I left. Other universities offer recording programs, but they are often focused more on gear and recording techniques, with little musical training incorporated into their programs. Hartt has a great balance of recording theory classes, basic music classes, and practical studio time for learning and experimenting with recording techniques. I knew the basic theory and ear training classes would help develop and hone my songwriting and arranging skills, which are crucial parts of creative studio production. And when it comes to recording experience, there are countless opportunities to record everything from jazz combos to full orchestras to sound design for theater productions. Becoming a staff member of the Hartt Recording Studio has given me so much experience with sessions of many styles of music as well as handling situations in a professional manner.

I also love playing jazz, and the faculty here at the Jackie McLean Institute of Jazz is some of the best in the world. Studying with Professors Nat Reeves, Rene McLean, and taking lessons with Steve Davis has made me a better jazz musician and also opened the doors to more complex composition and arranging, which are crucial production skills that can't be found in solely technical recording programs.

The Hartt School is a great environment for learning, collaboration, and creativity. Recording engineers who can relate to musicians and the music they are working with will be much more desirable within the music industry, and I feel that Hartt has definitely prepared me for the professional world.

More About Bryan

Bryan Lovett grew up in the small, island town of Sitka, Alaska. Starting piano in kindergarden and trombone in the 5th grade, he went on to play in the All-Alaska Jazz Band and was first chair trombone in the All-State Wind Ensemble for two years. Around this time he also began independently exploring the field of recording and production with several bands and hip-hop groups. This newfound interest in music production led him to the Hartt School, where he has played with several rock and reggae groups as well as been a staff member at the Hartt Recording Studio and an executive board member of the Hartford Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society. In Nov. 2010, Bryan and fellow MPT Brett Long placed 3rd in the Stereo Jazz Recording competition at the 129th Audio Engineering Society Convention, held in San Francisco, California.

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