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Music Registration 2015-16

All Community Division music activities require registration and tuition deposit prior to enrollment.

Download a registration packet using the appropriate links below

All ensemble programs require an audition prior to placement and registration. Private lesson students must be placed with a teacher prior to registration. Request private lessons online for teacher placement.

Don't have a teacher yet?  Request private lessons

Want to play in an ensemble?  Request an Audition

Completed registration forms can be submitted, with payment, in person at any of our offices, or mailed to:

Hartt School Community Division
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Ave
West Hartford, CT 06117

Registrations are accepted by fax or email as well, only if accompanied by credit card payment.  Please refer to our credit card policies here.

Fax registrations to (860) 768-4777

Email registrations to hcdbills@hartford.edu.

Private Lesson Registration

The Community Division requires that students enroll for the entire school year (September-June). New students are admitted on a rolling basis and register for the remainder of the year (some restrictions apply for Suzuki programs).

Please complete and submit a registration form along with payment before beginning lessons.

For information regarding private lessons and placement, please see the private lesson, Suzuki private lesson, or adult private lesson pages.

Ensemble Registration

The Community Division requires that students enroll for the entire school year (September-June). New students are admitted in January by audition, only if space is available. Please see individual ensemble pages for more information:

Please complete and submit a registration form along with payment before participating in ensembles.

Registration and Fee Schedule

Registration for all programs is for a full academic year: September through June, and tuition is assessed for the full term. Classes and lessons are pro-rated after the start of term. The Hartt Community Division will assess fees on the following schedule:

New Students:

  • Registration fee of $25.00 assessed.
Returning Students:
  • No registration fee if received before 7/1/2015
  • $25 registration fee if received between 7/1/2015 and 8/1/2015
  • $35 registration fee if received between 8/1/2015 and 9/1/2015
  • $35 registration fee + $30 late fee if received after 9/1/2015

Withdrawal Policy

Please note: Absence does not constitute a withdrawal from any program. A signed registration form constitutes agreement to pay tuition in full, regardless of how much has actually been paid at the time of withdrawal.

All students register for an entire academic year (September through June) and tuition and fees are assessed for the full academic year. Tuition may be prorated for students who begin lessons after the start of the academic year. Absence and/or verbal notice is not sufficient for withdrawal notification. All requests for withdrawal must be done in writing to the Registrar. Withdrawal at any time is subject to the following program-specific penalties:

Private lessons

Time of Withdrawal Tuition Penalty
Withdrawal received prior to 1st scheduled lesson $30 cancellation fee
Withdrawal received prior to 4th scheduled lesson Value of the number of lessons scheduled plus 2 lessons, plus $30 cancellation fee
Withdrawal received ater 4th scheduled lesson Full year tuition penalty*

*A mid-year withdrawal period is available at which point the student will be responsible for all lessons offered prior to the opt-out period.

Important note: teacher transfer may affect this policy.

Ensembles, Choirs and Group Classes

Time of Withdrawal Tuition Penalty
Withdrawal received prior to the 1st rehearsal/class $30 cancellation fee
Withdrawal received prior to October 1st, 2015 Partial penalty based on the number of rehearsals/classes held plus $30 cancellation fee
Withdrawal on or after October 1st, 2015** Full year tuition penalty

**Note: there are no mid-year withdrawals for Ensembles, Choirs and Group Classes. Students will be responsible for any remaining tuition plus any applicable fees associated with their account.

Medical withdrawal

A student who has an injury or illness that prevents him or her from participating may request a medical withdrawal. Medical withdrawals require written notice from the student/parent/guardian to the Registrar and must be accompanied by a letter from a Medical or Orthopedic Doctor on letter head indicating that the student is incapacitated and is unable to participate due to medical reasons. The letter must indicate the approximate date and duration of the incapacitation. Refunds for lessons missed due to the stated medical reason will be considered. Doctor's notes on prescription pads may be insufficient for purposes of withdrawal within this policy. Documentation and participation under this policy is subject to verification by the Registrar. Withdrawal notifications received without medical documentation will be
processed in accordance with the regular withdrawal policy and will not be considered a medical withdrawal.

Absence/Schedule Policy

Private lesson students will receive make-up lessons missed due to unplanned school closures and teacher absences. Students are responsible for reserving their regularly scheduled lesson time during the make-up weeks of a semester unless the teacher releases the student from those times. Teachers are not obligated to make up lessons or classes, including chamber music coaching sessions, missed by students. Ensembles, choirs, group classes, and orchestras have separate policies regarding attendance and absence. Please consult relevant handbooks for additional information. No refunds will be given for student absences.


Discounts will be offered in the following cases only:

Faculty/Staff of the University of Hartford

10% off all tuition charges for themselves, their spouse/domestic partner and children. Discounts cannot exceed 10% per student. Faculty and staff must be on the payroll of the University of Hartford (excluding contracted services). Relationships and eligibility may be subject to verification with HRD.

Family/Sibling and multi-course Discount Policy

If your family is enrolled in more than one concurrent HCD program, you are eligible for a 10% discount on the program with the lowest tuition under the following conditions/exceptions: No discounts are offered for summer programs or programs that run less than ten (10) consecutive weeks. Each family is eligible for one (1) discount at a time with a maximum of one (1) discount from September to June. Discount applies to immediate family only and relationships are subject to verification.


Registration, Late, Materials and Credit Card fees are non-refundable. Refunds will only be considered if the student account reflects a credit-balance. Students must withdraw, in writing, in accordance with the withdrawal policies listed. Students will be responsible for the tuition penalties listed regardless of how much has been paid at the time of withdrawal.

Delinquent Accounts

Default Charges: a default charge equal to 1.5% if the unpaid balance is assessed each month on all past due accounts.

The Hartt Community Division reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the instruction of any student who is delinquent in fulfilling his/her financial obligations at any time during the academic year. Students who are suspended for such reason will be still be responsible for the full amount due at the time of suspension.


All students and families are required to conduct themselves in a collegial and cooperative manner and in compliance with applicable law and university policies and procedures. The Hartt Community Division reserves the right to discontinue services to any student at any time, subject to a pro rata refund as deemed appropriate by the Hartt Community Division.

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