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Suzuki Piano

“Art is not in some far-off place.”—Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

The Suzuki Piano Program at Hartt is much more than the typical music lesson experience. With group class, solo recitals, Achievement Days, and a dedicated, enthusiastic faculty, Suzuki piano students and their families enjoy learning in a community they can grow and thrive in. We have about 100 children in the Suzuki Piano Department ranging in ages from 5 to 18.

Once the Observation Requirement has been completed and a student is placed with a teacher, he or she can begin taking lessons in the program at the beginning of the next fall or spring semester.

In our program, the private lesson is where the student, parent, and teacher work together to help the child acquire the skills needed to play the instrument. The parent attends all lessons and group classes, takes notes, and supervises daily practice as a ”home teacher.”  Your child’s very first experience, even before lessons begin, will be listening to a recording of the pieces in Suzuki Piano Book 1, not just once, but several times each day.

In addition to weekly private lesson Suzuki piano students attend group classes once a month on Saturdays.  Students are placed in a group of five to seven children where all are about the same age and level. The children play for each other, so that performing becomes natural to them.  We review Suzuki pieces, learn duets and play musical games and learn music theory.  Group classes are essential to the development of a well-rounded pianist.

The Suzuki Piano Program has several ways of supporting parents in the musical journey they take with their child. Parents attend four parent classes each year, where they learn about creating an environment that ensures a child’s success in the program. Additionally, the first group class is for parents only, providing an opportunity to learn the first few pieces in Book 1 and ask questions.

All children participate in two recitals each year, plus an Ensemble Concert for students a little farther along. There are also monthly school recitals in which children may perform at the discretion of their teacher.  For our youngest students we have a fun, informal Halloween Play-In.  We all come dressed in costumes, play for each other, read scary stories and enjoy Halloween treats!

Students may begin the Suzuki Piano program at the ages of 5-7. Piano students should have an acoustic piano (rather than an electric keyboard) to practice on during the week.


Suzuki piano lessons and group classes are held at The Hartt School, 200 Bloomfield Ave, West Hartford.

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