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Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with a major in music education attracts outstanding students who have an interest in research and wish to further their studies and career. The purpose of the degree is to instruct students in methods of scientific inquiry so that they can engage in research to make new discoveries of human music behaviors. Students will learn investigative and experimental techniques (quantitative and qualitative) and their application to the improvement of music education practice. To pursue this type of research, familiarity with psychology, research design and analysis, and measurement in conjunction with computer science is necessary. Upon completion of the Ph.D. in music education, students will be able to successfully pursue a research agenda that will contribute to the growth of the music education knowledge base. A minimum of two consecutive semesters of study during the regular academic year must be completed as a full-time student. All work must be completed within eight years of the beginning of doctoral study.

Applicants must provide evidence of superior scholastic ability, a broad musical and educational background, and the capacity of profit from advanced study in music education. In addition, all applicants must have earned a master's degree at a NASM-accredited institution and have completed a minimum of three years of successful music teaching at an elementary or secondary, public or private school and hold a valid teaching license.

All full-time academic year Ph.D. students receive tuition remission and stipend.
Doctorate of Philosophy in Music Education Core Courses 
MED 510 Measurement and Evaluation 3
MED 511 Psychology of Music 3
MED 614 Music Leadership and Administration 3
MED 616 History and Philosophy of Music Education 3
MED 620 Research and Writing 3
MED 621 Research Design in Music Education 3
MED 625 Learning Theories in Music 3

MED 626


Qualitative Research in Music Education


MED 627

Statistical Procedures in Music Education


MED 628

Quantitative Research in Music Education


MED 640, 641

Music Education Internship


MED 520

Research Colloquium in Music Education

Pedagogy course--Must include one of the following seminars
MED 513 Seminar in Instrumental Music Education 3
MED 611 Seminar in General Music Education 3
MED 612 Seminar in Choral Music Education 3
  Total Core Classload  38
TE 660 Dissertation 6
History and Theory Requirements
Graduate Music Theory Courses 6
Graduate Music History Courses 6
General Electives 9
Total Credits 65



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