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Performing Arts Management

The Performing Arts Management program is designed for the student who wishes to pursue a career in the performing arts business. Similar to Music Management, students enter a wide variety of jobs that include working at talent agencies, recording studios, community and regional arts centers, artist management companies, booking agencies and professional music, dance, opera and theatre companies.

Performing Arts Management majors have the opportunity to take all management electives offered, as well as other electives in the arts. With a flexible program, students are given the opportunity to concentrate in many different areas of management. They have the time to take classes in additional fields that enrich their management experience with such electives as recording, finance and entrepreneurial studies. The high level of academics and the variety of the artistic electives create a comprehensive understanding of the entertainment industry.

Based on their more academic course load and broader selection of electives, Performing Arts Management students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree. For more information on requirements for the Performing Arts Management program, please visit our admissions site.


In preparation for the internship, students are required to take two semesters of Management Practicum. This class is designed to prime the student for the internship and for workplace environments. Students work in a "mini-internship," from 6 to 8 hours weekly. Over the course of the semester, students meet in a practicum seminar to discuss everything from leadership skills and resume writing to job ethics and supervisory style. This is a rich opportunity for students to grow both personally and professionally, and to learn a most important skill—networking in the management business.

All students in the Music Management and Performing Arts Management programs complete a minimum of 180 hours in an internship of their choosing. Although only one internship is required, many students opt to participate in a second internship. In the past, Hartt management students have interned for Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles, Blue Note Records in New York City, The Bushnell in Hartford, the Springfield Library and Museums Association in Springfield, Mass., The Newport Music Festival in Rhode Island, Gamelon and Sony Records in Boston, and Primamerica Artists in Manhattan, to name a few. Students have had hands-on experience preparing contracts, arranging tours, working in a recording studio, fund-raising, coordinating special events, and managing travel plans for major talent.

At the end of this 3-credit internship, students complete an extensive academic paper. The paper objectively analyzes an aspect of the organization they worked for and requires the development of far-reaching recommendations and proposals for reorganization. Students present their papers to their peers in a professional seminar setting.

MEISA is the professional student organization for Music and Performing Arts Management students. This organization gives an opportunity to students to interact with instructors and representatives of the music industry. The program also helps students to meet peers, nationally as well as locally, with the same interests. The University of Hartford chapter of MEISA has presented concerts, workshops, seminars and programs for the school. MEISA has also sponsored an Internship Workshop and an Industry Seminar where representatives from different arts organizations discussed the industry from their perspectives.

For more information on either management program, contact Irene Conley, Chair of Music and Performing Arts Management at conley@hartford.edu.

Major in Performing Arts Management (128 credits)

First Year

Subject Code Course Title Credits Credits
Sem. 1 Sem. 2
MUM 120 Introduction to Arts Management 3 -
WRT 110-111 Academic Writing I - II 3 3
EC 110-211 Principles of Macro/Microeconomics 3 3
AUC All-University Curriculum - 3
HLM Music History Electives 3
  Academic Elective 3 -
M110 or M116 Everyday Statistics or Contemporary Mathmatics - 3
MUM 221 Music Management: For Profit - 3
HLM 020 Information Literacy in the Performing Arts 0 -
MUS 110-111 Paranov Performance Hour .5 .5
Total credits 15.5 18.5

Second Year

MUM 220 Arts Management: Not for Profit 3 -
AC 210 Financial Accounting 3 -
AC 211 Managerial Accounting - 3
ART 100 Aspects of Art 3 -
Concentration Elective1 - 3
AUC All-University Curriculum 3 3
CMM 240 Introduction to Media 3 -
CMM 260 Communication and Advertising - 3
RPW 215W Intro to Professional Writing 3 -
Academic Elective - 3
MUS 110-111 Paranov Performance Hour .5 .5
Total Credits 18.5 15.5

Third Year

MUM 321 Arts Management Practicum - 3
MUM 330 Entertainment Law 3 -
MUM 340 Survey of Record Industry 3 -
MUM 350 Computers and the Arts - 3
Concentration Elective1 - 3
MPT 450 Sound Technology I 3 -
ENG 140 Introduction to Literature 3 -
FIN 310 Business Finance - 3
MGT 310 Management and Organizational Behavior 3 -
MKT 310 Introduction to Marketing - 3
Total Credits 15 15

Fourth Year

MUM 410 Case Studies in Music/Arts Management 3 -
MUM 420-421 Internship/Internship Seminar 3 3
MUM 440 Fundraising 3 -
Concentration elective1 3 3
Business elective - 3
DRA 160 Introduction to Theatre 3 -
AUC All-University Curriculum - 3
ENG English elective - 3
Total Credits 15 15

1Students will construct a 12-credit concentration of liberal arts and/or business courses focusing on a core topic which complements the MUM courses. Examples for the concentrations include, but are not limited to, theatre management, public relations, fundraising, multiculturalism in management, and events management. Choice of appropriate courses will be made in consultation with an advisor.

Note: Performing Arts Management students may no more than one grade below B- in MUM courses.

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