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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music program allows the student to continue the development of musical skills and training in a conservatory setting, while pursuing a liberal arts degree in another academic area. Students in this program receive a broad overview of music study, rather than the focused study of Hartt's other music degree programs.

The music courses are the same core program of academic music courses required of bachelor of music majors at Hartt. Private lessons may be taken for college credit by passing an audition or may be taken for non-college credit (through the Hartt Community Division) at an extra charge. The capstone experience for the BA. Music major is a senior project or recital.

In addition, BA Music majors take courses from a variety of non-music disciplines, including the physical sciences, social sciences, language arts, communication skills, mathematics, philosophy, history, and computer science as part of their general education. These interdisciplinary courses are intended to broaden the horizons of students and introduce them to other fields and ways of thinking. The program is aimed at enriching students' lives and sharpening skills of comprehension and expression that will aid the student in whatever discipline he or she chooses to pursue as a career.

Major in Music (BA) - 120 Credits Minimum

Requirements for the Major

Arts and Sciences courses totaling 84 credit hours, including completion of all distribution requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree, and a minimum of 36 credits of music to include:

First Year

Subject Code Course Description Credits Credits
Sem. 1 Sem.1
TH 111-112 Diatonic-Chromatic Harmony
TH 120 - 121 Elementary Ear Training I-II 
RPW 110 - 111 Rhetoric and Writing I-II 3 3
AUC All-University Curriculum 3
HLM 020 Information Literacy in the Performing Arts 0 -
MUS 110, 111 Paranov Performance Hour .5 .5
ENG 140  Intro to Literature 
M 110/116 Math elective - 3
PHI 110 Intro to Philosophy 3 -
APC 122-123 Piano Keyboard Class2 2 2
Total Credits 15.5 15.5

Second Year

APC 222 - 223 Piano Keyboard Class 
TH 210 - 211 Tonal Form-Post Tonal Form 2 2
TH 220 - 221 Intermediate Ear Training I-II 2 2
HLM 212 Music History: Perspectives on Music History 3 -
HLM 213 Music History: Classicism to the Present - 3
AUC All-University Curriculum 3
MUS 110, 111 Paranov Performance Hour .5 .5
HIS 100/101  World History 
Foreign Language or CMM 115, CS 110 Two semesters of a Foreign Language or Communications and a Computer Science  3 3
Total Credits 15.5 15.5

Third Year

HLM Music History Elective 
AUCT   All-University Curriculum with lab 
EC, PSY, SOC  Psychology, Economics, or Sociology Elective 3
BIO/CH Biology or Chemistry with Lab
RPW 2XXw Writing-intensive Elective above 200 level with a W designation 3 3
Academic Electives5
Total Credits 16.0 16.0

Fourth Year

HLM Music History Elective
TE 410/REC 440  Senior Project (Essay3 or Recital4) -
POL 100 American Government 
AUC All-University Curriculum 3 -
Academic Electives5
Total Credits 12 14

1Students who choose an essay as their senior project should submit the title and outline of the essay to the appropriate division director for approval. A faculty advisor will then be appointed.

2Students who choose a recital as their senior project are expected to have studied privately for at least five semesters at The Hartt School. These students must be registered for private music study and seek departmental sanction, by audition, at the end of the first semester of their junior year. This audition will be graded Pass/No Pass. Students receiving a Pass will be expected to perform a public recital of 30 minutes or more. All other students will be expected to write an essay.

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