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Bachelor of Arts in Music

Please click here to see a curricular outline for this major (this link will take you to the main university site.)

The Bachelor of Arts in Music program allows the student to continue the development of musical skills and training in a conservatory setting, while pursuing a liberal arts degree in another academic area. Students in this program receive a broad overview of music study, rather than the focused study of Hartt's other music degree programs.

The music courses are the same core program of academic music courses required of bachelor of music majors at Hartt. Private lessons may be taken for college credit by passing an audition or may be taken for non-college credit (through the Hartt Community Division) at an extra charge. The capstone experience for the BA. Music major is a senior project or recital.

In addition, BA Music majors take courses from a variety of non-music disciplines, including the physical sciences, social sciences, language arts, communication skills, mathematics, philosophy, history, and computer science as part of their general education. These interdisciplinary courses are intended to broaden the horizons of students and introduce them to other fields and ways of thinking. The program is aimed at enriching students' lives and sharpening skills of comprehension and expression that will aid the student in whatever discipline he or she chooses to pursue as a career.

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