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Actor Training

Hartt's Actor Training program is dedicated to a comprehensive and rigorous style of training that creates artists who are physically, intellectually and emotionally prepared for the extraordinary demands of the acting profession.  In a carefully planned progression of acting, voice, movement and text analysis classes, students expand both their craft and their creative imagination so that they can be successful in a wide range of theatrical styles from the contemporary to the classical.  Our unique Partnership-In-Training with the Tony Award-winning Hartford Stage Company is part of our thorough career preparation curriculum that readies our students to seek work as professional actors.

Performance opportunities at Hartt are extensive and designed to expose students to plays from across the theatrical repertoire.  Starting with second year projects and culminating with full-scale, professionally designed productions, the plays are chosen to provide each class with challenging onstage experiences.  In the spring semester of the third year, Actor Training students receive approximately ten weeks of intensive Shakespeare training in England with our faculty from the professional British theatre.  Attendance at several productions in London and Stratford enhance this unique educational opportunity.  Fourth-year students may audition for roles in the Hartford Stage Company's annual production of A Christmas Carol as well as various other Equity productions in the company's season.  Most of our students join the Equity membership Candidate Program during their time at Hartt.

Our location puts The Hartt School in the middle of this country's most vibrant theatrical community.  From New York to Boston to a vast array of highly regarded regional theatres, Hartt students have a short trip to the best professional theatre in America. In addition to our relationship with the Hartford Stage Company, our students regularly find opportunities with TheatreWorks of Hartford, Goodspeed Musicals, Cape Cod's Monomoy Theatre and other local companies.  The final year of study culminates with our showcase for industry professionals in both New York and Los Angeles.

Major in Actor Training (134 credits)

First Year

Subject Code Course TitleCredits Credits
Sem. 1 Sem. 2 
HTA 110-111Voice I - II3 3
HTA 120-121 Movement I - II3 3
HTA 130-131 Acting I - II3 3
HTA 140-141 Rehearsal/Performance I, II 1 1
AUCC, AUCS All University Curriculum3 3
HTS 140-141 Stagecraft 1 1
CPO 404, 405Music Theatre Chorus/Laboratory11
MUS 110,111Paranov Performance Hour0.50.5
RPW 110 - 111Reading and Writing I - II33
HLM 020 Information Literacy in the Performing Arts 0 -
Total Credits 18.5 18.5

Second Year

HTA 210-211Voice III - IV3 3
HTA 220-221Movement III - IV3 3
HTA 230-231 Acting III - IV3 3
HTA 240-241 Rehearsal/Performance III - IV1 1
AUCT, AUCWAll-University Curriculum 3 3
M 110, 114 or 116 Precalculus/Statistics/ Contemporary Mathematics 3 -
DRA 362 Development of Theatre - 3
HTA 200-201Text Analysis I - II22
MUS 110,111Paranov Performance Hour0.50.5
Total Credits 18.5 18.5

Third Year

HTA 305Study in England-6
HTA 310Voice V 3 -
HTA 320-321Movement V - VI3 3
HTA 330 Acting V 3 -
HTA 360-361 Projects I - II3 3

Academic Elective3-
HTA 300The Shakespearean Context3-
Total Credits 18.012

Fourth Year

HTA 331Acting VI3-
HTA 410-411Voice VII - VIII22
HTA 440-441Rehearsal/Performance V - VI6 3
HTA 451Career Preparation -3
HTA 461 Projects III - 1

Academic Elective - 3
HTA 400Shakespeare in Text and Performance3-
HTA 412Acting for the Camera-4
Total Credits 1416

Note: Theatre students must maintain a 2.67 major GPA at all times.

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