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Minor in Music

The Minor in Music program is open to all non-Hartt students who wish to broaden their experience in music in a formal program. Applicants must have a rudimentary understanding of music and an area of performance experience (instrument or voice).

To complete the minor in music, the student must register for a letter grade for all courses and must receive a grade no lower than a C in each course.


  1. Meet with Lynn Wronker to determine the requirements for course selections, examinations, interviews, and auditions.
  2. Take the audition for placement in a performing organization (choir, band, orchestra), if such course electives are chosen. Take the audition for acceptance and placement in private music instruction, if such elective lessons are chosen. 
  3. When officially accepted into the minor, the University's "Change of Curriculum Status" form must be completed to add the minor.  This form requires the signatures of the primary academic advisor and dean(University major), as well as Hartt's Academic Advisor and Evaluator.
  • Note: The Minor in Music with applied lessons incurs an additional charge of $2,050.00 which covers one hour of weekly private instruction across the 14-week semester.

Requirements for the Minor

Theory (Choose 4 credits from the following):

  • TH 110 Music Theory Fundamentals (2 credits)
  • TH 111 Diatonic Harmony (2 credits)
  • TH 112 Chromatic Harmony (2 credits)

Ear Training

  • TH 120-121 Elementary Ear Training I, II (4 credits)

Music History (Choose 6 credits from the following):

  • HLM 200 World Music Survey (3 credits)
  • HLM 212 Late Baroque through the Classical Period (3 credits)
  • HLM 213 Romanticism to the Present (3 credits)
  • AFR 131 African American Music 1890-1945

  • HLM 112 Introduction to Music History (3 credits)
  • Music History Elective (with approval of instructor) (3 credits)

Electives (Choose 4 credits from the following):

  • Performing Organization (1 credit per semester)
  • Private Instrumental/Vocal Study (2 credits per semester, Note: not included in tuition charges)
  • Other (with advisor's approval, credits vary)

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