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Diverse areas of expertise and interests represented among the faculty allow students to find the guidance they need to express their individuality through their music. Through studies in traditional concert music, film music, music for the theatre, improvisation, and advanced modern compositional techniques, students are exposed to an ever-changing array of music.

The Composition department is a community that fosters cooperation between its students and faculty. Through once a week composition seminars, students and faculty members are given the opportunity to discuss each other's music and to hear music by visiting composers. An introductory, year-long freshman composition course, followed by three years of individual lessons with faculty composers, assures a regular, disciplined course of study. Essential to the development of composers is the opportunity to hear their music performed.

Hartt provides numerous score calls to its students, with several performance organizations sponsoring student performances. The Contemporary Players, a group dedicated to the performance of new chamber music, sponsors one concert of student works a semester. Additionally, students are given the opportunity through the student-run "Public Works" series to have their music performed. Each semester the Hartt Symphony Orchestra and Hartt Symphonic Band select several student works to read and play during their rehearsal time. Biennial collaborations between student composers and choreographers culminate in an exciting evening of premieres. Residencies by professional ensembles for whom students compose new works provide exposure to performance standards in the "real world". Annual electronic concerts and score calls by Performance 20/20, an honors chamber group, provide more opportunities for Hartt composers.

 The Institute of Contemporary American Music (ICAM), founded at Hartt in 1948, also helps link Hartt to the larger new music community. ICAM provides a forum for the presentation and comparison of various styles and trends in new music. Such noted composers as Milton Babbitt, Earle Brown, John Cage, Anthony Davis, Elliott Carter, Aaron Copland, Aaron Kernis, Melinda Wagner, Steve Reich, Steve Coleman, Lois Vierk, Ralph Shapey and Michael Torke have been featured as a part of the ICAM series. Real Art Ways, Hartford's alternative art space, offers students the opportunity to interact with some of the most adventuresome experimental composers, and to preview new works from around the world.

Major in Composition (141-144 credits)

First Year

Subject Code Course Title Credits Credits
Sem. 1 Sem. 2
APC 122-123 Piano-Keyboard Class1 2 2
COM 110-111 First Course Composition 3 3
COM 461 Music Technology I 3 -
COM 470-471 Composers' Seminar 0 0
WRT 110 - 111 Academic Writing I - II 3 3
TH 111-112 Diatonic-Chromatic Harmony2 2 2
TH 120-121 Elementary Ear Training I-II 2 2
AUC All-University Curriculum - 3
HLM 020 Information Literacy in the Performing Arts 0 -
MUS 110-111 Paranov Performance Hour .5   .5
  Performing Organization3
1 1
Total Credits 16.5 16.5

Second Year

APC 222-223 Piano-Keyboard Class1 2 2
COM 210-211 Second Course Composition 3 3
COM 340 Orchestration 3 -
COM 470-471 Composers' Seminar 0 0
HLM 212 Music History-Perspectives on Music History 3 -
HLM 213 Music History-Classicism to the Present - 3
TH 210-211 Tonal/Post-Tonal Form 2 2
TH 220-221 Intermediate Ear Training I-II 2 2
MUS 110-111 Paranov Performance Hour .5 .5
AUC All-University Curriculum 3 3
M Mathematics elective M114 or M116 - 3
  Performing Organization3
1 1
Total Credits 19.5 19.5

Third Year

  Instrumental/Vocal Study or elective 2-3 2-3
COM 310-311 Third Course Composition 3 3
HLM 316 Music History-Medieval through Baroque 3 -
HLM Music History Elective - 3
  Foreign Language 3 3
COM 470-471 Composers' Seminar 0 0
TH/COM Theory or Composition Electives 3,3 3,3
COM 472-473 Composer's Ensemble 0.5 0.5
Total Credits 17.5 - 18.5 17.5 - 18.5

Fourth Year

  Instrumental/Vocal Study or elective 2-3 2-3
COM 410-411 Fourth Course Composition 3 3
COM 470-471 Composers' Seminar 0 0
TH 441 Music Since 1950 - 3
ES 262 Introduction to Acoustics 3 -
TH/COM  Theory or Composition electives 3,3 3
AUC All-University Curriculum 3 -
  Academic Elective - 3
CON 314 Conducting Fundamentals - 2
COM 472-473 Composer's Ensemble 0.5 0.5
Total Credits 17.5 - 18.5 16.5 - 17.5
1Exempted students take private instrumental/vocal study.
2Enrollment dependent on placement examination.
3Major choral/instrumental performing organization, four semesters. Composers' ensemble, four semesters. Other approved performing organizations may be substituted.

Students with a major in composition must have the equivalent of one evening performance of their own compositions before graduation. Programs of performances must be submitted at least four months before the anticipated date of graduation.

Students wishing to specialize in composition for electronic/digital instruments should include the following courses in their elective choices: COM 462-Music Tech. II; COM 463-Music Tech. III; COM 466-Introduction to Computer Music; COM 468-Scoring for Film, TV, and Video; MPT 450-Sound Tech. I; MPT 451-Sound Tech. II

Students wishing to specialize in composition using more traditional musical materials should include the following in their elective choices:  TH 330-Keyboard Harmony; TH 333-Score Reading; TH 420-Modal Counterpoint; TH 421-Tonal Counterpoint

Composition majors should refer to the Hartt Undergraduate Handbook for departmental grade requirements.

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