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Music History

Performance: Please click here to see a curricular outline for this major (this link will take you to the main university site.)

Research: Please click here to see a curricular outline for this major (this link will take you to the main university site.)

Bringing the musical past alive, The Department of Music History, Literature and Criticism guides students through the evolution of music. From broad interest survey courses, to in-depth special topic courses on the symphony, the history of musical instruments, and Bach and Handel, both majors and non-majors gain a comprehensive understanding of all periods of music.

At the undergraduate and masters levels, students may choose either an emphasis in research or performance practices. Hartt's collection of early instruments, including recorders, shawms, sackbuts, Renaissance lutes and flutes, as well as three harpsichords, a clavichord, a positiv organ and several baroque bows, helps to create an active learning atmosphere.

The Music History Forum, founded in 1987, has brought accomplished musicologists such as Joshua Rifkin, who has visited Hartt twice since 1998. Other participants have included John Daverio, Barbara Heymen and Walter Frisch. The program provides students a chance to learn about the latest in musicological research. Work of invited participants has appeared in The Journal of the American Musicological Society, The Musical Quarterly and Nineteenth Century Music.

Members of the Music History department faculty have dual careers as professional performers and active scholars. Their research has been published in journals such as Music and Letters, Bach, Journal of Musicological Research, Music Analysis, The Musical Times, MLA Notes, and Händel-Harhbuch.

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